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POCKIE NINJA SYNTHESIS GUIDE: POCKIE NINJA - Blogger. Oct 04, 2011 Outfit [syn-02] Item [syn-03] Pet [syn-04] Before we get started, there are few basic things you have to take note of: 0s = items with synthesis value of 21 and below; 1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30; 2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38; 3s = items with …

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Pockie ninja gold equipment chest - bittorrentmaxx blog free, posts related to special equipment synthesis scroll pockie ninja pockie ninja gold pockie ninja gold equipment chest, screen machine industries is an american manufacturer of concrete crusher, and rockhere to get slot talisman in pockie ninja - direccion casino enjoy...

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The Page Description. Pockie Ninja - MMORPG Game321 devs have announced that Pockie Ninja Chapter 75 will be deployed on February 13th According to press information, Pockie Ninja players will be treated to new equipment, auto combat options and fresh content as they quest their way to level 100, including a brutal Level 96 Valhalla instance and cross-server fights that …

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Pockie ninja Cake Recipe Martes, Pebrero 14, 2012. ♣club♣ S23. Pockie ninja Cake Recipe. 1 st step (Buying) ... (2 stat equipment/ 31 synthesis value) you may also use 2s + enchantment stone. ES has 32 synthesis value you may also use 2s + …

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Use quick synthesizing to obtain item and equipment Synthesis Formula: Page 1(Available at Ninja Item Shop)+Any equipment+Any equipment=Page 2,3,4 Come Come Paradise I Come Come Paradise Volume 1 ... Pockie Ninja: . Orange Outfit . Sharp. Great Strength 18(+0.90) Agility 30(+1.50) Stamina 26(+1.30) Seal Master.

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The Pockie Ninja Wikia is a Wikia designed to cover everything there is to know about the game, Pockie Ninja. This wiki is a fan created site, which means anyone is free to edit in order to improve the content. ... Craftsman Talisman*5, Special Equipment Synthesis Scroll*2, Super Purify Stone, etc. And the spending of 100 gold beans during the ...

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let see..2s is item or weapon that has 2 stats and value of synthesis is 223s is item or weapon that has 3 stats and value of synthesis is 394s is item or we...

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Hi there everyone! And to the ones who have been waiting for the Pockie Ninja revival! For the ones who wished for a team to re-scrap the older and ancient English version of Pockie Ninja, your hopes are NOT up. A team of people have gathered to compute the game and are currently working on the case of a new Pockie Ninja.

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Pockie Ninja: Complete Synthesis Recipe Guide Outfit GRAY OUTFIT Main Item Catalyst Catalyst Result Success Rate Gray Outfit 0s 0s Gray O...

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The purpose of doing so was to find the most effective way to get through the lower levels while making efficient stones, saving gift coupons, and creating the best equipment available to you. Earning Stones [ST01] Stone's are rather elusive to come by before level 31, the options open for you to obtain them are limited.

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Want To Sell Pockie Ninja Character Server 2. Want To Sell Pockie Ninja Character Server 2. Wednesday, June 8, 2011 ... Equipment Formula's: 8 u9 l, b( y) l- i s) S3 D-----& y4 O" W3 G' R. f, C. ... Strategy Synthesis Formulas; Data Equipment and Syn Equipment; Data Outfit and Syn Outfit; Data Pet and syn Pet;

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Equipment [syn-01] Outfit [syn-02] Item [syn-03] Pet [syn-04] Before we get started, there are few basic things you have to take note of: 0s = items with synthesis value of 21 and below; 1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30; 2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38; 3s = items with synthesis value between 39 to 45;


1. Kumpulkan dulu Scroll Pembongkar Misteri sebanyak mungkin, nanti akan kelihatan perbedaan ketiga scroll tersebut 2. Kumpulkan minimal 3 scroll di setiap lini 3. Mencobalah mulai sintesis dengan trik : > Pertama-tama beli weapon sebagai bahan utama, > Ambil hand grenade sebagai katalis > ambil scroll pertama, sintesis 4.

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welcome this is the place for you all the players pockie ninja about some tips and tricks in playing pockie ninja ... Set Equipment: 4 Set: Lvl 21, 31, 41,.. ... Main Item + Catalyst(Synthesis Value) + Catalyst(Synthesis Value) = Product (%) - tried Main Equipment: 0s(14) > 0s, 1s, 2s 2: 0s + 1 + 1 = 0s () 28: 0s + 0s + 0s = 0s (50%)

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What is synthesis ? - Synthesis is a process, which is very important to make your character stronger, as in : make better outfits/better equipments. First, let me explain what people mean when they say things like SVs mean Sync Value - 1s - 2s - 3s - 4s 1s means gears with 1 stat. SV is 22 2s means gears with 2 stats. SV is 31 3s means gears ...

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seperti yang kita semua tahu hewan peliharaan di pockie Ninja berguna untuk membantu menguasai dalam pertempuran, Pockie Ninja aura dan jenis hewan peliharaan: ... 5. 3s 4s High version Equipment Synthesis Total Catalyst: Main Item + Catalyst(Synthesis Value) + Catalyst(Synthesis Value) = Product (%)

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Equipment [syn-01] Outfit [syn-02] Item [syn-03] Pet [syn-04] Before we get started, there are few basic things you have to take note of: 0s = items with synthesis value of 21 and below; 1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30; 2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38; 3s = items with synthesis value between 39 to 45;

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There are 1000s of synthesis combinations obtainable in Pockie Ninja, providing you with endless chances to feel the fun and creativity of synthesizing your own personal items. Another feature in the browser game is exploration every map in Pockie Ninja has its own own game mode, elements, rewards and more.

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Pockie Ninja's "Shippuden: Season 2" update is coming out soon, allowing ninjas to reach a new level cap of 90 while facing brand new quests, intriguing explorations, powerful monsters and ...

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Black Market allows you to buy items, ninja, and spiritual beasts for less then they were originally priced. During the event you can buy items, ninjas, and pets for a small portion of their original price. You get a free refresh every 12 hours for a attempt to get new page with «Hot items» on it. If you want to refresh more then once every 12 hours you can purchase refreshes for 20 gold ...

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Lots of people think that cycling pet or outfit using transfer shop is more costly than using manual synthesis. So let's do some simple math using both method to cycle pet or outfit and compare it cost. Transfer Shop I tried it once and I need to pay about ~750 stone each time I use this feature (maybe it depend on our level too).


This guide the formula following items: Equipment [syn-01] Outfit [syn-02] Item [syn-03] Pet [syn-04] Before we get started, there are few basic things you have to take note of: 0s = items with synthesis value of 21 and below; 1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30; 2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38;

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Pockie Ninja 2 Social Free 2 Play Games. Pockie Ninja II Social was a browser-based, innovative tactic MMO game published by Game321, featuring cute anime-styled ninjas Based on the storyline of Naruto, the game combined village building and battling to create a brand new ninja world Players could find 84 ninjas from Naruto, employ favorite ones to …

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Naruto and Bleach inspired webgame, Pockie Ninja will be rolling out the massive Shippuden expansion on September 9 th. The expansion will introduce a host of new content to the popular free-to-play MMO, including new characters, outfits, events and storyline quests to follow. Shippuden focuses on the introduction of the Akatsuki, a group of ...

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C,B,A,S-rank Scroll - 1g; Seal Breaker - 1g; Demon Proof - 40g; Konoha Arcanum (5 movements)- 5g; ... means the item synthesis value. Hope this little guide can help you a bit to play Pockie Ninja with ease. Posted by bakazero at 7:19 AM No comments:

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NGames has released new information regarding its upcoming Naruto-Bleach hybrid MMO, Pockie Ninja. The game will feature hidden special areas which, when clicked on, will trigger random special events for players, including special item, equipment, pet, experience, and other rewards. Players can also enter a Jar Smashing Lucky Draw through medals or in …

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Valhalla is located in Demon City. A team of up to three players can battle through various gauntlet-styled stages to earn experience, stones, and possibly set equipment. Each stage is divided into smaller sections of five battles. Each battle is against three NPCs. Except for the first stage Decadent Nest, each stage also allows the player to choose between Easy and Hard …

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pockie ninja is an animebased browser game that features one character the players the flexibility to make their own unique characters with the ability to the masteries that help you kill beasts that can give you special equipment gold,as a leading global manufacturer of crushing equipment, milling equipment,dressing equipment,drying equipment …

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With the release of Pockie Ninja new chapter, we've planned a special project for those secluded jounin in order to raise the level and power of the whole ninja world. ... Scroll containing grand rewards, overwhelming challenge zone, S-rank outfits like Kyuubi Naruto, Hebi Sasuke, Konan, Pain and other new contents have created a refreshing ...

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(2 1 stat equipment cost about 100+ and you just have to pay a small fee to synthesize) 3. 7 types of Character There are 10 types of Character Build in Pockie Ninja Game, Which each build have their own Outfit and Jutsu or skill types. Here we go: 1.Tank Being a Tank means your character will be HARD TO KILL.

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Fox form – Pockie Ninja has amassed over 3 million registrations during it's beta period alone! Pockie Ninja offers a deep item synthesising system, allowing any two items to be combined into often surprising results, and a robust choice of customisable outfits that each offer special abilities

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1. 0s 1s 2s Equipment Synthesis 0s mean = no bonus stat at that Equipment. How to know the Synthesis Value ? just see it at the item/equipment/pet/pet food/outfit description in the game. ... Pockie Ninja Come Come Paradise Mission Formula to make Vol. 1 - 12: Page1+Page2+Page3 = Come come paradise volume 1

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The Free-User's Guide to ''Grow your own Gold" Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' [1 y4 Y3 r+ C H( `+ {7 u # A. P/ Z' O! F+ I& Q" S Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games- B% R/ Q. w9 n1 ~; b1 J; P; X Regularly free-users have been complaining about how the game has become based on Heavy-Gold users and how free users can't be anywhere as near as good as a Gold user - …

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The Chapter 7.5 update will see Pockie Ninja's unique outfit class system upgraded to allow higher outfit synthesis levels affording more control over how players shape their characters. High level players will also be able to use the new Equipment Exchange system to exchange existing level 80 items to level 90, offering an instant, powerful ...


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